PROSPACE Architects



Design: CBL Bank Division in Misrata
Location: Misrata, Libya
Net floor area: 2 100 m2
Time: 2013
Status: Concept design
Client: Central Bank of Libya

The design idea expresses the ethos of endurance of the city’s inhabitants combined with the stability of growing economic potential of a bank. The building is strongly anchored to the ground giving the impression of protection an being down-to-earth, yet with its smooth and open shapes it invites people to enter.

The main envelope and the body of the building consists of solid concrete stripes growing from the ground. They juxtapose one above another to culminate above a double-height operation room of the bank. A few meters cantilevers protect the building from direct sunlight. In addition to that the main axis of the building is set in the NW-SE direction, thus the building provides more sunlight protection from that side.
All sunlight openings are additionally protected by openwork structures in a shape of 3D geometric ornament. The idea, however, allows to introduce any kind of an openwork pattern. It can also be filled with LCD screens with current bank information.
The design includes creating a piazza with water fountains at the corner of two streets. We believe the building and the square would establish the beginning of a high standard city avenue in this part of the city.


Viz. M. ZajÄ…c


CBL Bank Division