PROSPACE Architects

Design: Jerozolimskie Avenue Office Building Facade Remodelling
Location: Al. Jerozolimskie, Warsaw, Poland
Time: 2012
Status: Concept design

The design of the Jerozolimskie Avenue office building façade remodelling.

The building is sited at the corner of one of the main crossroads in Warsaw city centre, called Zawiszy Roundabout. It is also in direct proximity to a high-rise building, two large hotels, but also tenement houses from the first half of the 20th century, housing developments from the 70s or a historical water filtration plant (Filtry).

Both the complex and diverse context, as well as the dull appearance of the existing elevation in the dimension of 80 by 25 metres have encouraged us to reshape a very moderate look of the façade into a potent and significant element of the city landscape.

Due to strong exposition, especially for cars approaching from the north (Towarowa Street) a large scale multimedia screen has been designed at the west side of the façade.



Facade Remodelling Warsaw