PROSPACE Architects

Design: Frito Lay Production Facility Epansion
Location: Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland
Net floor area: 29 394 m2
Time: 2008 (design), 2008 – 2010 (completion)
Status: Concept, building permit, tender, construction design
Client: Frito Lay Sp. z o. o.

Increased production range resulted in the design design of the chips production facility expansion. The first stage took, among others, expansion of the production storage, a raw material storage and supply area, while the second – a finished goods warehouse, pallets warehouse, new zone of office and administration, an also relocation of staff facilities and canteen.

Production zones are designed as good standard industrial architecture as homogeneous sandwich panel wall, while much effort was made in solving the entrance zone. Restrictions on the size of the plot in conjunction with the local master plan meant that the entrance area remained less than 3 meters wide.

Long, broad, straight, multi flight stairs were designed, leading along the outer wall of the new warehouse to located on two floors staff facilities and the administration zone. Thus resulting staircase was clad with red sandwich panels, creating a dynamic shape, with cut-glass panels and fills of horizontal aluminium louvres. The glazing running along the stairs was simplified so that the solid can be more coherent.

To complement so created façade, windows in a shape resembling letters FL were cut in the warehouse – from the investor's brand.

Project in cooperation with PM Group Polska


Frito Lay Production Facility