PROSPACE Architects

Design: House in Mnich
Location: Mnich near Chybie, Poland
Net floor area: 770 m2
Time: 2006
Status: Concept, building permit, detailed design
Client: Private

The building is a development of an old single family house set on a three hectares farm site.

Its shape, through its symmetrical layout, refers both to the traditional farm holding as well as to a Polish manor house. At the same time, fitting into the countryside with its gable roof, it operates modern architectural detail still using traditional materials like wood, natural stone laid in layers or roof tiles.

Large window openings on the ground floor at the front expose view stretching to the Beskid mountains above the plain making the impression of integrating with the garden. The symmetrically narrowing floor plan of the side wings makes the wooden outer terrace designed between them become the main viewing and social point of the house.

The building body protrudes above the walls of the basement give the impression of lightness which is emphasised by the contrast of dark, rigid stone and white, smooth surface of the walls.

The house divides into the zones: day time, fitness – with a swimming pool and sauna, night time (bedrooms) and guest.


House in Mnich