PROSPACE Architects

Design: Libya Desert CBL Bank
Location: Libyan desert
Net floor area: 1 298 m2
Time: 2012
Status: Concept design
Client: Central Bank of Libya

The design of a bank department building is designed to withstand desert, sub-equatorial climate of Sahara part Libya. It refers to local building trade, of both sacral and nomadic architecture circle. The building set on a square layout is covered by a symmetrical double-dome shell, based at its outer corners.

The cover is the main architectural element of the bank. Its self-supporting reinforced concrete structure provides the sun protection, in particular that it exceeds the outline of the building.

The other external partitions of the building are designed in the form of a glazed curtain wall, in non transparent parts from composite panels.

Vis: M. Zajac


Libya CBL Bank Desert