PROSPACE Architects

Design: National Theatre in Copenhagen
Location: Kvæsthusbroen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Net floor area: 23 240 m2
Time: 2001
Status: Concept design, international competition
Client: Danish Ministry of Culture

Set at the bank of the sea in the historical city centre, the new building of the Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen has been designed in a way to make a remarkable space for experiencing drama, which would create a significant welcoming landmark in the space of Copenhagen.

Twists and waves of the building illustrate the complexity of life, of which showing the theatre is to be about. Being at the border of two elements, it combines the unpredictability of the apparently calm see and the vitality of the city itself.

It becomes a transition and a meeting point between everyday life and its illusion.

The main structure of the roofing shell is designed as self-sustainable steel space grating supported by pillars. Particular parts of the theatre are housed in separate shells underneath the superstructure.

The floor plan derives from a narrow site of the pier.

The best view is reserved for the theatregoers: foyer, restaurant in the tip with a beautiful view; and publicity in general: boulevard. On the back of the building a pedestrian communication is provided by an elevated walkway on the curves of the structure.

Cooperation: Jacek Dyga


National Theatre in Copenhagen