PROSPACE Architects


Space is the most important. We need it as much as the food we eat or the air we breathe. In our designs we try to create our best to make it comfortable, healthy and beautiful. We design in harmony with nature, both in form and and with respect to its resources.


Every design is different. Each plot is located in a different environment. Each Client has different needs. Each object is designed in response to them, and works in a slightly different way. We work as a tailor, who takes an accurate measure, including the purpose, usage, material, the possibility of subsequent changes and Client's taste.


Design is a process, a dialogue between the architect and the Client – from the earliest talks, sketches and a concept design until the occupancy. The architect's role is lead through all that process, including the complex procedure of formal arrangements and directing the budget on track.


The mutual interplay of individual parts of the building is essential to its functioning. We attach great importance to Client's needs in this area in order to accurately understand how a building should work.


Despite the well-known statement "Form follows function", there will always be aesthetics. Aesthetics derives from the function, context, materials, budget, sustainability and other factors. The task of the architect is to combine all these elements in the optimal whole in such a way that the result of this was a good feeling. Aesthetics is the value that affects the acceptance of the building by all.


A new building can be of great importance to the environment in which it comes into existence. It can enrich not just the aesthetics, but also contribute to fulfill its cultural, social and economical needs of the area. We study and take into account the urban context, genius loci of the place, its topography, climate, communication, and other external factors.


A building is not just the enclosed, comfortable space isolated from weather conditions. It's not just a facility that has to earn for itself. It is also the Client's showcase, which by its high aesthetic values can bring added value.


In design we follow the rules of sustainable design. We propose energy-saving and eco-friendly buildings, keeping in mind that the investment in green technology can be returned.


By commissioning the building design you entrust us with the availability of significant money intended for investment. We take into account not only appropriate financial emphasis in the elements of which so request but also the costs of later life. The use of optimum quality materials ensures durability of use, reducing later costs.


An architect can be compared to a movie writer and director in one. With his vision he is also the coordinator of the whole design work. Therefore we provide full design necessary for a building, including all industries: structure, mechanical, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical and low voltage(tele), roads, quantity survey, etc.


Our approach to design is holistic. The designed object is thus the result of several factors: the planned function of the object, the plot, the environment, the budget, the the owner or investor's taste, and, finally, of the architect who puts all these factors together.